American Gothic Chestnut (Sample)

American Gothic Chestnut (Sample)

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American chestnut is the quintessential reclaimed wood. Decimated by a fungal blight in the early 20th century, it is no longer available as a fresh sawn wood. We salvage old barns to find this one of a kind wood and plane it smooth, revealing glowing golds and deep browns. Often called “wormy” Chestnut, you are guaranteed to find insect marks, nail holes, and knots in this reclaimed wood. Learn more about this product.

More about the finishes available in this sample:

Because reclaimed wood can vary from board to board, most samples include 3 pieces to help you get a better understanding of the overall look. (So when you order 1, you will receive up to 3 pieces.) While these boards are just a sampling, they should be looked at as a whole. If you're looking for something custom, simply give us a call.

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