Shou Sugi Ban Fir Deep Char (Sample)

Shou Sugi Ban Fir Deep Char (Sample)

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Traditionally Inspired, American Made™—an 18th century technique for preserving wood with fire is updated to meet 21st century design and performance standards. Aggressively burning the surface layer of our FSC®-Certified Douglas fir planks creates the signature “alligator skin” texture and a black, mildly iridescent look Shou Sugi Ban is known for.

Fir Deep Char combines durability and sustainability. This modern, modified-wood option provides stability in nearly any environment. Traditionally maintenance-free, the charred layer is expected to change over time when exposed to the elements. We finish our Deep Char with an ebony tinted poly sealer to protect and prolong its distinctive look. With or without maintenance, Fir Deep Char provides unprecedented longevity to be enjoyed for decades to come. This West Coast domestic wood boasts striped grain patterns with medium texture; Vertical-Grain Douglas fir is loved for its durability and resistance to rot. Shou Sugi Ban Fir Deep Char adds a modern appeal to a centuries-old process.

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NOTE Shou Sugi Ban: This product is an exterior siding or interior paneling product. Sample includes 1 piece. If you're looking for something custom, simply give us a call.

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