Collection: Flooring

Pioneer Millworks has been crafting reclaimed wood flooring from our Oregon and New York mills for over 30 years. Many of our products we've been refining for just as long; giving you reliable, quality reclaimed wood options for your home or business.

We've also added a sustainably sourced wood collection, Modern Farmhouse, to our line. These fresh-sawn hardwood flooring products come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests and small well-managed tree farms; meaning that they are as good for your space as they are our planet.

Through unfinished, or our UV Nano commercial finish, many of our flooring products are UL GreenGUARD gold certified. This certification verifies that our wood flooring meets stringent emissions testing--leading to healthier indoor air for you to breathe.

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12 products
  • American Gothic White Oak (Sample)
  • American Gothic Ash (Sample)
  • American Gothic Elm (Sample)
  • Black & Tan—Tan Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Black & Tan—50/50 Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Settlers' Plank Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Modern Farmhouse—Casual White Oak (Sample)
  • Modern Farmhouse—Clean Ash (Sample)
  • Modern Farmhouse—Clean White Oak (Sample)
  • Character Select Heart Pine (Sample)
  • Grandma's Attic Mixed Softwoods (Sample)
  • Natural Expressions -- White Oak (Sample)