Order and Shipping FAQs


How do I place an order for a sample with a custom finish?

We find that custom finishes take more communication than an online order system allows, so please reach out to the sales person in your area with these requests so they can gather the details we need to get your sample right.

I noticed not all of your products are represented here. How do I place an order for a sample of a product that is not shown?

Some of our products are too nuanced to make samples available online (things like our single origin batch products, for example). For these products, we ask that you reach out to us directly, or contact the sales person in your area.

Why do you charge for samples?

We charge a minimal amount for samples because there is an investment on our end to make them. We also credit the cost of your samples (san shipping) to your order once you have placed it with us.

How can I order a designer sample box?

We're happy to send designer sample boxes to libraries and offices. For these requests, simply reach out to the sales person in your area.


Can I also place my order directly with the sales person in my area?

Yes, you can always request samples directly from the sales person in your area. This online cart is just one a way for you to order our standard samples. To find the sales person for your area, click here.

How long will my sample order take to produce?

That depends on the size of your sample order. Most sample orders are fulfilled and ready for shipping within 5 days of placing your order. If you have questions about timing and need something faster, please give us a call directly.


How long will it take my samples to ship to me?

That depends on where we are shipping to. Most of our samples ship using USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground which can average 5 days. If you need your samples on a quicker time table, please make sure you order directly from the sales person in your area.

Can you use my own shipping number for sending my samples?

We can for overnight options, but not using our online system. If you would like to place an order for samples and use your own shipping number for overnight shipping, please order directly from the sales person in your area.

Do you ship samples outside of the United States?

Currently we do not ship samples using our online system outside of the US. For international orders, including Canada, please reach out to us directly.


At this time, we do not have a sample recycling program or take-back for samples. We ask that once you are through using them, you recycle them through crafting and creativity.

If you believe you've been charged in error for your samples, or have a question/dispute about sample costs, please contact us so we can help.