Collection: Oak Flooring & Paneling

Pioneer Millworks reclaimed oak flooring & paneling is complimented with our sustainably harvested oak flooring & paneling (we call it Modern Farmhouse). Many of our oak products are patina, with signs of previous life and a warmth that is unmatched: Settlers' Plank & Railyard Patina. For a more modern & simple look with clean lines and wide widths: American Gothic White oaks & Modern Farmhouse oaks. For something in the middle, with a little character and a lot of personality try our Black & Tan collection of oaks.

For samples, simply place your order here. If you'd like more information, or you're ready for a quote, simply reach out to our sales team or call (800) 951-9663.
7 products
  • American Gothic White Oak (Sample)
  • Modern Farmhouse—Clean White Oak (Sample)
  • Modern Farmhouse—Casual White Oak (Sample)
  • Settlers' Plank Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Black & Tan—Tan Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Black & Tan—50/50 Mixed Oak (Sample)
  • Natural Expressions -- White Oak (Sample)