Collection: Skyline™—Multidimensional Cladding

Skyline™ is a large-scale Interior wall cladding and exterior siding product line from Pioneer Millworks that is completely customizable—offering designers, architects, and builders the ability to create unique dynamic accent walls by combining a mix of our different colors, lengths, widths, and milling heights.

For interior use Skyline™ Multidimensional Interior Cladding sustainably harvested hardwood system comes in 9 interior colors that can be mixed and matched to add another element of texture to a wall, or used tone-on-tone for a more subtle look.

For outdoor applications Skyline™ Multidimensional Exterior Cladding is available in FSC® certified and cradle-to-cradle gold certified Accoya® - a top choice for sustainability, rot resistance, and material health. Whether creating classic board and batten patterns, modern exterior slats, or a random array, the stability of Accoya allows for flexibility and dynamism on your curb appeal with easy installation. Skyline™ for exteriors comes in three colors that match our Accoya Siding & Shiplap for easy pairing.

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  • Skyline™—Multidimensional Cladding (SAMPLE BASE KIT)
  • Skyline™—Multidimentional INTERIOR Cladding (Color Sample)
  • Skyline™—Multidimensional EXTERIOR Cladding (Color Sample)