Shou Sugi Ban Shallow Char (Sample)

Shou Sugi Ban Shallow Char (Sample)

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Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique of burning wood as a preservative treatment for exterior siding. Shallow Char, as the name teases, is typically applied to our sustainably harvested Larch, though we’re open to other species. This grade is circle sawn, giving the boards a roughened, swoopy texture with a lightly toasted look and natural golds swirling with dark areas of char.

Shou Sugi Ban—Shallow Char sold as interior paneling or exterior siding, the char level can change over time, depending on its exposure to the elements. We treat our Shou Sugi Ban Shallow Char with a clear poly sealer to help slow wear. The evolving look suggests the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi—a reminder of the transience and imperfection of all things. Learn more about this product. **Note this product is an exterior siding or interior paneling product**

Because wood can vary from board to board, most samples include 3 pieces to help you get a better understanding of the overall look. (So when you order 1, you will receive up to 3 pieces.) While these boards are just a sampling, they should be looked at as a whole. If you're looking for something custom, simply give us a call.

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