Modern Farmhouse—Clean Walnut (Sample)

Modern Farmhouse—Clean Walnut (Sample)

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Sophisticated, warm, and chic this line offers a twist on classically elegant species, matching function with contemporary farmhouse style. Showcasing modern flare with a more uniform appearance than its reclaimed counterpart, this high grade of walnut is sourced from carefully managed forests. Celebrated in natural, fresh-sawn tones, expect consistent hues ranging from brown to purple, relaxed grain patterns, and a few small knots. This sustainably harvested walnut pairs especially well with our custom eco-friendly finishes for flooring and paneling. Learn more about this product.

More about the finishes available in this sample:

Because wood can vary from board to board, most samples include 3 pieces to help you get a better understanding of the overall look. (So when you order 1, you will receive up to 3 pieces.) While these boards are just a sampling, they should be looked at as a whole. If you're looking for something custom, simply give us a call.

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